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Consumers are not investors

Consumers are not investors:

Recently it has been observed that the consumers are claiming that they have invested some amount at several online e-commerce site to buy products at a cheaper rate and to gain money from reselling the product to a third person. This doesn’t make any sense to Tattu Limited Authority. Tattu Limited declares that Tattu will never come out with any such offers, not even any of the’s sellers will be allowed to offer any such. If found such, will be removed immediately. Tattu Limited also believes that the Consumers are to consume products and/or services, not to make profits by reselling any products and/or services purchased from, nor they are trade licence holders for trading or tax payers against the profits they will make. So, we discourage such activity.

Hence, Tattu Limited Management will always honour any legal and ethical activity and will secure consumers right at a highest level. But to err is human and also tricky people are all around us to make unethical profits. So we humbly request every concern to notify us if found any discrepancy and thus to allow us to clarify and find out the problem’s whereabouts.

Tattu Limited has all the willingness to develop a stronger consumer’s base and to keep running until it achieves the fame and glory for its consistencies. Your support and faith on us will allow Tattu Limited to acquire the crown it’s aiming to.


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