From a business perspective

How Tattu works:

From a business perspective:

Anyone who has the source to supply any legal and good quality products and/or services for Tattu Limited’s Consumers, can request to open a virtual business store at for displaying any legal & ethical good quality goods & services and can offer competitive prices to our consumers for selling and safely delivering. Any Illegal products, services and/or offers display, buy, sell and/or transaction are not allowed using platform directly or indirectly. If found any, will be removed immediately without delay and without any notice and also will be legally prosecuted.

No sellers will be allowed to sell any energy boosting drinks or foods from, though they are available locally and legally.

No colour cosmetics for women or men can be displayed and sell using platform directly or indirectly unless showing proper quality assurance certifications of international standard and legally accepted.

Ready foods can be displayed and offered for pre-orders by ensuring food safety and hygiene, safe packing, on-time delivery and commitment to produce as testy as declared.

Tattu Limited reserves the right to buy or sell products within it’s own defined ethics & policies too.